Monica. Misstress of the one true Sassmeister. EVERY DAY'S A JONGDAY. I'm a Female English ISFJ 93 liner Feminist Nasty Exotic Baby Potterhead Whovian Dai5y Tinglehead Shadowhunter Sone Nerdfighter MJ fanatic Merlinian ARMY Synaesthete Lukie ST☆RLIGHT Sherlockian Cassiopeia BBC Jumping Boa Wonderful Disnified Blackjack Strings Ghiblian Initiate Mockingjay/Tribute Camper 4nia Boice Danosaur Lanatic Inspirit Shawol VIP Bestfriend Primadonna Playgirlz Mercury Initiate Oncer Angel of the Phandom ready for some Aff(x)tionate Secret time and L.O./\.E. . Kiss me!
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